Everyone loses with doctor office copays on their insurance plan.

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They seem like a great idea, but the typical person does not visit the doctor more than four times a year. The consumer will pay for those copays whether they use them or not. One idea is to find a plan that does not have the copay option. Many carriers offer plans with and without copays. For example, plans that are HSA (health savings account) qualified do not offer copays. Meaning, you would pay for your doctor visits out of your own pocket. Now keep in mind that the copay only covers the doctor. You still will pay for the additional labs and xrays that are performed. However, you would save money in premium.

Health insurance plans without a copay are typically 20-30% less than with a copay. This way you can control where your money goes. You can find an easy illustration of the premium savings by running a free quote for yourself at My Oregon Health Insurance. You can select the filter for Assurant Time. They have plans that you can view with or without a copay. The only difference in the plans is the copay and premium. A family in their 40s will save about $140 by simply removing the copay option. A typical family does not visit the doctor 10-12 times a year. Thus, the family would save hundreds a year.

Health insurers and doctors lose as well. Doctors will charge three times or more than the cash price. I have a chiropractor that will charge me $65, but will charge my health insurer $150 if I use my copay. The physician needs to charge this due to the extra staff needed to bill the health insurance and it could take up to 90 days to be paid.

In a nut shell, we and our healthcare system lose when copays are added for our convenience. Let’s be more proactive and take control of our healthcare dollars. Compare your health plan to others available.


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