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We'll help you sort through the many group plans available through multiple carriers in Oregon. All group plans are "guarantee" issued. Guarantee means that premiums do not increase, nor are groups excluded due to medical conditions. There are no health questions on the application. For this reason, premiums tend to be higher than individual plans to account for the increased risk.

Step one: Determine if you qualify: You need at least two employees paid by a company in order to form a group. Each carrier may vary slightly, but you will typically need 75% of eligible employees not covered by other group insurance to enroll. Employers are required to pay 50% of the premium. Employers must offer coverage to anyone they deem a full time employee (17.5 to 40 hours).

Step two: Downloand, fill out, and fax in the census form below to begin the quoting process. Groups of under 50 employees can usually be quoted instantly. Larger group quotes may take up to 5-10 business days. You will be contacted by an agent specializing in group insurance to discuss your options and best plan recommendation.

Download Group Census Form

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