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Student Insurance plans

I am going to school in Oregon. Student health insurance provided by the school is often very minimal and included in tuition. The plans are great of a bad cold or small infection that can be treated by a simple doctor visit. But, you will see in the plan summaries, the insurer will only pay up to a low dollar amount if hospitalized.

Take for instance, Portland State University, they offer a health plan through AETNA for $63 a term, however, the plan will only pay up to $7500 if you are hospitalized or injured. AETNA offers a “buy-up plan” that adds and additional $7500. But the premium is more than $140 a month or more. You could meet that max in only a couple of days.

You can get a major medical plan that cannot drop you for $33 -$100 a month. We typically recommend applying to the cheapest plan available. Find the current health insurance rates here or call 503-608-7768 to ask a specialist lowest rates.

I play recreational sports or other outdoor activities. Accidents do happen while in school, but you can limit yourself to $100 for any injury by adding an accident supplement to your health insurance plan. Research accident plan rates here. You will notice that the cost of the plan is very expensive if under the age of 25. However, a person under 25 can be included with a parent, thus greatly reducing the cost. For example; a male 22 years old costs about $57, but a female age 45 with children only costs $41. You can have a parent and all the dependents covered for less than the one student.

I am on Oregonian enrolled outside of Oregon. Students still on their parents plan usually reap the benefit of a lower premium. However, most Oregon plans do not have nationwide networks. Not even Blue Cross Blue Sheild typically has out of network coverage. This means if you have a claim in another state you will be required to pay the out-of-network charges. Typically, the percentage you pay is higher and your stop-loss is higher. For example, instead of paying 20% up to $4000 you may pay 30% up to $6000 after your deductible. It is a good idea to either enroll the student in a plan in the state they are attending or enroll in a plan with nationwide coverage, such as, Assurant Health.

I will study outside of the US. Schools provide coverage for students abroad, but the plans vary significantly. Many students and parents choose to take a travel plan that covers outside the US. The plans are typically very cheap; around $40-$50 monthly. Most Oregon health insurance plans stop their coverage after 30 days outside the country or have no coverage at all. Compare the plans and deductibles now.

I will need my wisdom teeth removed in the near future. Many students will have their wisdom teeth removed during their college school careers. Removal costs between $500 and $3000 depending on the type of extraction. You can enroll in a dental plan that will pay 80% of an extraction or oral surgery. The plan has a six month wait and a $2000 annual limit. Review the benefit summary and find a quote for your area. The premiums are low considering they cover cleanings exams at 100% as well.



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